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April 22, 2014
If you've ever built a snowman (who hasn't in Canada), you know which factors play a big part in the success. You need lots of wet snow, and you need a sizeable enough ball at the start to roll around. The ball is going to get bigger and bigger as long as you've got the drive to keep rolling it, and the snow to roll it around in. There has always been a feeling of magic that accompanies the snowball’s sudden transformation into something substantial and It's amazing how quickly the mass begins to add up. 

Before the CBC Searchlight contest began, we didn't have much more than a vision to build something meaningful, and be true to ourselves and our art. You have given us enough of a ball to start rolling, and that's all we could ever ask. Thank you.

Stick around with us and see what we can make of this as we do everything we can to keep rolling and rolling.
This is just the beginning.


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So at Edmonton FolkFest 2012 I first got introduced to Jayme Stone and the Room of Wonders. Jayme Stone is an incredible banjo player (of all things!) and he pulls influences from traditional bluegrass to African folk music to jazz to European traditional music... and Bach... the list goes on, and the music is awesome. Jayme came through Edmonton (well, Sherwood Park) last weekend, so of course I had to go.

Check out his site and music - you will not be disappointed!


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