The name VERA came about while trying to find a name for a dog.

Frontman Douglas Mitchell was reading through a book on German names trying to find a name for his family's new dachshund puppy. He decided to cover the side of the book with the names so he could only see their meanings. When he came across the words "truth" and "hope" he was intrigued and uncovered the name beside them. The name written was VERA. It occurred to him that VERA would make an interesting band name. The name also brought to mind one of Doug's favourite albums: Pink Floyd's The Wall, in which the singer Vera Lynn is used as a symbol for the promise of hope. Those two words, "truth" and "hope" have become an underlying theme in much of VERA's music to date. Oh, and the dog? The kids eventually named her Molly.

VERA consists of guitar player and lead singer Douglas Mitchell, as well as guitarist Kyle Mosiuk, keyboardist Brennan Cameron, bassist Paul Bergeron and drummer Brendan Lyons. The band released their self titled debut album in January of 2013 and have since been performing original music across Alberta.

VERA's music is modern in tone, but with vintage throwbacks to classic rock, pop, blues and soul music. Their music is energetic and emotional, and their live show experience mirrors this. Lush keyboards, searing guitars and tight harmonies all backed up by a solid and funky rhythm section. Both onstage and on record, VERA commands attention and always delivers a reason to keep moving, keep grooving, and keep listening. 

The band is currently writing and demoing new material with the goal of releasing new music in 2017. Stay tuned.